Zigmund Adamski (1924-1980)

Zigmund Adamski abduction case concerns Zigmund Adamski who went missing from his home in Tingley, West Yorkshire, England, for five days in June of 1980. His body was found by officer Alan Godfrey.[1] Adamski is considered a mortal victim in a Close Encounter of the sixth kind.

Close Encounter of the fourth kindEdit

Zigmund Adamski, a 56 year-old miner, was found dead on top of a coal-heap on 11 June 1980 in Todmorden, Yorkshire. He had been missing for five days, after last been seen going to the shops. Adamski's death was ruled as from a heart-attack. He was left shirtless, revealing mysterious burns on his neck and shoulders that was covered in a “strange ointment” which appeared to have been used on Zigmund’s burns. The ointment could not be identified by forensic scientists.[1]

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