Yellow Book, nicknamed “Eben’s Bible”, is a mythological holographic device that reconstructs the past. Some claim to have witnessed the final days of Jesus Christ from this device. Yellow Book may be synonymous with another mythological device—the Chronovisor.


According to releases, Yellow Book is descibed as having the shape of a standard sheet of paper 8” x 11”, but is 2”-1/2” thick. It is made of a transparent block of material, reminiscent of fiberglass. The border of the device is a bright yellow. When the viewer looks upon the transparent surface of the device, images and language symbols will appear. It is an endless series of historical information and media depicting the universe. It includes a historical narrative with various accounts about Earth's history and distant past.[1]


In ufology, Yellow Book is considered to be an alien device. According to case releases, Yellow Book gives the Ebens’ perspective of the history of the universe in relation to their own interactions and involvement with Earth's development/evolution. In urban legend, it was displayed to U.S. officials at Holloman AFB in April 1964 by an EBE. Access to Yellow Book requires one’s name to be on the "Briefing Control Access Roster".[1]

Once a viewer places their eyes close to the screen, words and images begin flashing until it determines the language that the viewer is thinking; then that particular language will appear. 80 different languages have been known to appear.

Yellow Book can also reconstruct past events, such as the life of Jesus Christ through viewing. alledges that EBE had established “Christianity”, and that Jesus Christ was the first alien ambassador on Earth.



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