The Varginha UFO incident involves a series of UFO reports in Varginha, Brazil, that allegedly led to the capture of an alien by Brazilian officials in 1996.

Timeline of events

January 20th, 1996
Friends Kátia Andrade Xavier, Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva spotted a creature with large red eyes, triangle feet, brown skin and a large head with a thin body with three bumps on the top of its head. They said it was wobbly (the girls thought it was sick) and smelled terrible. Their mother at first didn't believe them but upon visiting the site, she smelled ammonia and left.

An alternate story is that several boys found the alien and began throwing rocks at it. The fire department (whose job is to catch stray animals) was alerted and captured it.

January 22nd, 1996
Rumor spread that another body was found lying on near a road and three military trucks picked it up. The trucks are believed to belong to S2 Officials (Brazil's intelligence agency). They brought the body to a hospital to have it examined. It's stated the name that the extraterrestrial visitor's went by was The Akartian.


Officials from Brazil's military tried to debunk the events but an auto mechanic came forward saying he saw a cylindrical UFO. Stanton Friedman believed the incident would turn into Watergate Scandal but of galactic scale.

Vitorio Pacaccini argued that he had confirmation of the aliens from anonymous government sources. Brazilian soldier Marco Eli Cherese is believed to have been killed in connection to the sightings. Matt Morfett of the Wall Street Journal wrote the there have been at least 12 sightings.

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