Valiant “Val” Thor

Valiant Thor, or Val, is a delegate of the “High Council”, who had VIP status at the Pentagon from 1957 to 1960, to discuss concerns of the Cold War development of nuclear arms in the United States that was leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The book Stranger at the Pentagon by Frank E. Stranges, in support of Harley Andrew Byrd, gives a UFO account of Thor being a Venusian.


In mid March of 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia, a UFO craft was witnessed by a policeman landing in a field. A tall white man emerged from the craft and approached the officer, calmly identifying himself as Valiant Thor, sent by “The High Council”. He requested that he might speak with President Eisenhower.[1]


Valiant Thor and Oscar Schneider sitting behind him at the Pentagon, c. 1958

The policeman took Thor to the Pentagon where he did eventually speak with Eisenhower, as well as the Secretary of Defense and other joint chiefs. According to Frank E. Stranges, Thor was given a three year VIP status at the Pentagon, where he conducted numerous meetings with persons of high influence in the United States government. His objective was to voice concerns of the “High Council” over the way humanity was evolving – in particular its apparent lust for nuclear weaponry.[1]


According to Frank E. Stranges, Eisenhower asks Thor where he is from, to which Thor gives a rather cryptic response—“the morning and the evening star”. Below is the is the alleged exchange in dialogue, given by Stranges:[2]

Eisenhower: “Please, sir, what is your name? And where do you come from?”
Thor: “I come from the planet your Bible calls the morning and the evening star.”
Eisenhower: “Venus?”
Thor: “Yes, sir.”
Eisenhower: “Can you prove this?”
Thor: “What do you constitute as proof?”
Eisenhower: “I don’t know.”

Morning starEdit

In the Hebrew Bible, a dirge against the King of Babylon[3] is given in Isaiah 14:12:

Downfall of the King of Babylon[4]
Shining morning star, (Or Day Star, son of the dawn;[4] also trans. lucifer (vulgate)).
how you have fallen from the heavens!
You destroyer of nations,
you have been cut down to the ground.

Evening starEdit


Hesperus by Anton Raphael Mengs (1765).

In Greek mythology, Hesperus (Greek: Ἓσπερος ) is the personification of the "evening star", where the planet Venus is observed in the evening (compare to Aurvandil).

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