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My Personal Summary of Serenia  After 200 years of being uninhabited, myst island has fallen into a state of decay. Thunderstorms never cease and all the pieces of machinery are in disrepair. In 2005, Esher placed a pedestal in the library that would allow him to hold the Tablet which Dr. Watson had in his possession. Esher tried to convince him to bring the Tablet to Myst as Yeesha refused to visit it, but failed. Explorers who complete the Path of the Shell are allowed to visit the library, although the door to the outside is sealed shut and the Tablet pedestal has been removed. However In The Age of Was Becoming Popular Among The Village Serenia's Mirror Realm Was All But Forgotten Replaced By Advanced Serenia Is Fast Becoming A Dystopian Society Full of Sin And No Regard For The Almost All Knowledge of The And Their highly advanced mysticism that enabled them to enter Dream and communicate with deceased ancestors. Has Almost All Been Lost If Not For One "Little One" Who Follows Their Teachings And Desires To Restore The Lost Sisterhood

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