The Ummo letters is a thirty-year letter (correspondance) project of contact with tall whites, who identify themselves with José Luis Jordán-Peña’s OUMMO.

First contactEdit

The Ummo concept began as a work of fiction by Spanish psychologist José Luis Jordán-Peña in 1960, which spurned critism of contact as being a hoax. However, communication with an entity was in fact established, and who identified themselves with Jordán-Peña‘s advanced extraterrestrial society. The exhaustive, over thirty year effort of communication, was to impress the Ummo message under the alien agenda. Thus, according to Alex Collier,[1] the Ummo play into conflicts of interest with the Reptilian society. Jordán-Peña has also claimed responsibility for instigating Ummoism.[2]

Quantity of lettersEdit

In 1965, Fernando Sesma Manzano, the organiser of the "Association of Friends of Space Visitors", also claimed to be in contact with the Ummo through receiving letters, among other recipients. Contact was lost in 1970, then regained in 1987, and continued until 1993 with recipients, particularly in France. There are approximately 200 to 300 pages of text written by the Ummo, but it is possible that many other letters exist. In a 1988 letter, reference is made to the existence of 3,850 pages, copies of which having been sent to several individuals represent the equivalent of 160,000 pages.[3]

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