Ummo devices are used by the Ummo, to advance the Ummo message in the alien agenda. The Ummo are Anunna, “tall whites”. Communication with the Ummo was a subject of interest between 1967 and 1975 by members of the Madrid group (Spanish UFO researchers), including Antonio Ribera. According to Alex Collier, the Ummo have a conflict of interest with the Reptilian society (See Alien agenda).[1]

Ummo spheresEdit


Seamless hollow mystery sphere with astronomical inscriptions (not the actual Ummo sphere; enhanced original for effect)

The alleged Ummo sphere is a tiny sphere just an inch or so in diameter, that can be placed in mid-air at eye level. The sphere generates a scene that can show the previous day’s events, in such a way that can impress a dramatic effect on the viewer.[1]

Titanium data crystalsEdit


The Ummo maintain records of human science, culture, history and civilizations on “titanium crystals codified with data”.[1]

Alien agendaEdit

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