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Thuban, or Alpha Draconis, is a star system in the Draco constellation. The nomenclature “Thuban” derives from the Arabic word ثعبان thuʿbān, meaning 'large snake' (e.g. a python or a legendary draconian serpent).


Thuban’s Arabic etymology— “legendary draconian serpent” makes it convenient to make the assumption that Reptoid aliens (Sometimes called Draconians) originate from this star system—when in fact, they do not. The British conspiracy theorist David Icke, who connects Reptoids to Alpha Draconis, is completely unfounded and erroneous.

The history of mapping star constellations involves connecting groups of stars, often in a cluster, as observed from the naked eye on the planet Earth.


David Icke proclaims that Alpha Draconis is the home-world of blood-drinking reptilians who lurk in underground bases and plot against humanity (with the aid of powerful figures such as Queen Elizabeth II).[1]


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