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Roswell materiel
Aluminum aerospace alloy, 6000 series

Kimbler's field research

Geologist Frank Kimbler field research. Alloy is rated 6000 series aluminum, typically used in aerospace S and T. Kimbler had alloy samples analyzed by New Mexico Tech. Kimbler found evidence of military presence over the physical area dated to late 1940s. Professional analysis of Google Earth's aerial imaging shows visible indications of the LZ.

Material origin

Kimbler submitted alloy samples to EAG Labs for magnesium isotope testing. First alloy samples were tested by spectrometer. Results showed samples being at the edge of analytical error.ncbi The overall results give strong indication of non-terrestrial origin, thus a stronger spectrometer is required to give a more exact reading with determination to be within Earth's terrestrial sphere.

Roswell, 1947

Several civilians from the Roswell area, such as Mac Brazel, claimed to possess some of the Roswell materiel. The materiel was claimed to be impervious to burns, tearing, or destruction and can bend back into original form. Jesse Marcel and his son Jesse Jr., claimed to have handled the materiel. CUFOS conducted an investigation.