The Roswell incident refers to the exposure of US efforts to recover materiel from downed UFO drones that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico between late June and early July, 1947. The final and official government response to the US public, was that an object in question was a "weather balloon".

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Geologist Frank Kimbler is a Roswell researcher[1] who has searched for trace evidence of any leftover samples from the Roswell, New Mexico desert. Kimbler has allegedly determined the actual crash site, to the exact location. Using a metal detector, he has found multiple 'artifacts' including candidate metal samples. Testing will show if any of his finds are of non-terrestrial origin. His investigative work has caught the attention of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who has demanded of him to appear at a BLM facility, and bring his samples in for a review.

The Black Vault Radio w John Greenewald, Jr

The Black Vault Radio w John Greenewald, Jr. - Episode 2 - Frank Kimbler

Alien conspiracyEdit

The results for any material to show substantial evidence of being from outer space, or non-terrestrial, will be highly remote (See They live among us). The UFOs from 1947 to 1952/3 (Project 1947) were alien drones that were intentionally crashed. The alien agenda provides all materiel needed for a Power Nation to be wooed into a contract with the EBEs (See 1954 USA contract).

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The dangling carrot that is presented in front of present-day governments, is reverse engineering advanced technology. The "wooing of nations" has been going on for thousands of years, at least since Sumeria.

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