Robotic entities may have the alien appearance of being artificial. They are commonly seen in abduction cases. They may appear metallic in design, and can come in many shapes and sizes.[1] They may have flashing lights or mysterious features, with possibly unlimited capabilities.[2] There are also flesh-bots who appear "fleshy" but may have impressionable artificial body parts.[1]

Ancient astronautsEdit

Astronaut's Cryptic Message About Aliens 10 16 17

Astronaut's Cryptic Message About Aliens 10 16 17

Tyler with Secureteam10 associates android-like beings with Sumerian mythology


One ancient astronaut hypothesis poses that the Anunna(ki), in Sumerian theology, were Alien Gods who had "helpers" (a concept from Sitchin) believed to be android-like.[3]

Types of aliens

Animalian | Apparitional | Gray | Humanoid | Insectoid | Reptoid | Robotic


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