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  • 1988, South Carolina [1], although reptilian sapients have appeared in ancient mythology
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Sightings still occur frequently


Reptilian humanoids of various sizes

Alleged to originate from

Earth (distant past), Alpha Draconis


Rumored to live underground on Earth[2]

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Reptoid is the alien appearance of reptilian, or reptile-like. A Close Encounter report may describe a humanoid having serpent or lizard-like features. Reptoids are the subject of mythology, science-fiction, and conspiracy theories.[3] Sightings and encounters are associated with national parks, fresh bodies of water, underground facilities, and UFOs. The concept of serpent-like devils and demons may be attributed to reptoidism. Anti-reptilian activists charge that reptoids secretly run the world.[2]


If You See These Beings..

If You See These Beings...

"These Beings Came Through The Walls" - My First ET Contact

"These Beings Came Through The Walls" - My First ET Contact

Reptoids have been given titles, classifications, and species types, such as: dinosauroids, lizardfolk, lizardmen, sauroids, Saurians, Greys, Reptilians, Draconians,[3] Ciakars, and Tiamatians.


Reptoids may be described as reptilian humanoids, generally tailless with few reports describing tailed.[4] They are often attributed to having three fingers and sometimes an opposable thumb; some report three toes with a hind claw. Their epidermal layer (skin) has been seen in a variety of colors: green, green/blue, brown, even gold skin,[3] white, and gray.

Reptoids have been reported to be anywhere from 3 to 9 feet in height. Gray reptoids are typically 3 to 4 feet in height, sometimes 5 to 6'. Reptilians, Saurians, and Draconians stand 6 to 9 feet in height. Ciakars, and some dragonesque types (Tiamatians) have stood at least 12 feet tall, having wings, sometimes horned.[4]

A South Carolina, USA claim on reptoids describe scaly green skin, the face of a human crossed with a snake, three fingers on each hand and are approximately 7 to 8 feet tall.[1]


Descriptions of small Grays and tall Reptilians are often reported as having a hierarchal relationship. John Rhodes gives the fanciful description, "Reptilian-Grey crossbreed"[4] for either the supposed breeding ability between Reptilians and Grays, or their genetic engineering. In many reports about Grays, reptoid features are almost always present, thus Grays can nominally be considered a type of reptoid.


Some have claimed that Reptoids are shapeshifters.[2] It is claimed that using this ability Reptoids shape shift in to Humans and that most rulers of the Earth are Reptoids in disguise planning to secretly rule Earth.

Close encountersEdit

Benevolent cases

In 1988, Charlene Lerch had contact with a benevolent reptilian. In her experience, the being asked, "Do you judge the way I look?". Her response was, "No, I don't judge your looks." To which the being replied, "Then I will help you."[5]

Hostile cases

Many abduction cases involve seeing reptoids, both Reptilians and Grays.

  • In one close encounter a lizard like humanoid attacked a young mans car and madly clawed at his car.
  • In 2004 another lizard like humanoid tried to pull a young girl into a river.
  • Sightings from South Carolina have reported hostile reptoids; when they attack, they have red glowing eyes and sharp black claws which they use as weapons.[1]
Sexual cases

Around the 1990s,[6] Pamela Stonebrooke had contact with a reptilian being. She considers herself as an experiencer who had a sexual encounter. Stonebrooke recounts her experiences in an interview, Secrets from the Underground volume 5 Pamela Stonebrooke. Her book "Experiencer: recollections of an intergalactic jazz singer" was canceled,[7] which may have resulted from her claim that US officials interrogated her for all the details of her account.[6]


Reptoid deities were a common part of Meso-American culture.[8] Many ancient statues, idols, and various artwork depict reptoids[9] unearthed around the World. Native Americans from South Carolina have claimed that the race of Lizardmen were called Inzignanin.[1]

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Robert Llimós Saw A UFO & Extraterrestrials, This Painter Is Delivering A Message From Space

Robert Llimós Saw A UFO & Extraterrestrials, This Painter Is Delivering A Message From Space

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