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1953 - 1963




RAF Chicksands


Summary report of 624-page USAF Special Report No. 13


AFSN 2246-3

Следующая стенограмма была получена ████████████7 г.

Information conflicting with or pertinently affecting that contained in this publication should be forwarded to the recipient directly to:

Commanding General
Air Technical Intelligence Center
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

This in no way abrogates or alters responsibility for sending such information or any pertinent intelligence data through already established intelligence collection channels of the various services of the U.S. government.

WARNING: This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Law, Title 18, U.S.C., Sections 793 and 794. Its transmission of the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person in prohibited by law.

This report is the thirteenth of a series of Status Reports of Project Blue Book. Since 1952, there has been an increase in reports that has created an extremely heavy workload for the number of all reported sightings. Any additional information may be obtained on any incident by directing requests to the Commanding General, Air Technical Intelligence Center, Attn: ████████, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

1. Overall Status
A. The period since the last status report of this project has witnessed "unknowns" that has warranted strict, unprecedented, and exhaustive investigations to substantiate claims. This thirteenth report was held interim until the investigations of "unknowns", that were considered a threat to national security, were neutralized. There was enough data from the IBM system for Capt Edward Ruppelt to release a separate report (Project Blue Book Status Report #14, 1954), which was released in October 1955, to sway foreign forces into believing that we could scientifically prove that UFOs do not exist. Five months after Report #14 was released, investigations into the death of Sgt Jonathon Lovette and Maj William Cunningham's involvement halted making this Special Report #13 available. Because Report #14 has satisfied the "knowns" by the massive statistical undertaking from Battelle group, the procedure for producing Special Reports will be eliminated.
600-страничный отчет № 13 был уничтожен 1 февраля 1973 года. Ниже приводится краткое изложение отчета № 13 до 1963 года.

B. Table of Contents --

  1. Introduction
  2. Findings by Lt Col Friend
  3. Relocation Centers
  4. UFO Encounters with civilian
  5. UFO Encounters with USAF
  6. UFO Sightings on Radar and Electronic Surveillance
  7. Analysis of cadavers
  8. Analysis Report by Dr J. Allen Hynek, Lt Col Friend
  9. Power Plant Space-Time Continuums, Closed, Open, and Folded
Appendix A. Power Plant Design Criteria using Equation 17
Appendix B. Current Attitudes on Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Appendix C. Satellite Applications of Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Appendix D. Power Plant Strain Free Molecular Translation
Appendix E. Power Plant Temporary Pseudo Acceleration Locas

2. Findings by Lt Col Friend
Ultrasonic S and T was discovered in Jonastal, Ilm-Kreis in April/May 1945. Papers translated into English indicate development of an ultrasonic weapon purposed to shatter 4 inch thick armor. There is no further information as to whether a physical ultrasonic weapon was actually recovered.

3. Relocation Centers
Isolation Centers opened in Moab, Utah and Leupp, Arizona. Also Cave Creek, Arizona and Toppenish, Washington. USAF relocation personnel to intern Close Encounter cases to designated colonies. Public names relocators "Men in Black". ████ personnel from Ft Riley are under isolation protocol in the interests of national security. Foreign subjects processed at the Centers include ██ Swedes, ██ Mexican nationalists, and ██ Canadian. Advise to look into Lt Gen Doolittle report on the implementation of ideas and policies for properly administering national security controls.

4. UFO Encounters with civilian
A. Darlington Farm Case. Ohio, October 1953. Man, wife and 13 year old son having dinner at the dinner table when the lights at the farmstead began to dim. Dogs and cattle "raised a ruckus" outside. The son apparently got up from dinner table to see the matter, having called his parents over to look at a strange light in the sky. As the parents came out onto the porch, the son was out in the yard. One of the dogs got loose and came running out to the front. As the son and their dog were out in the open field, the parents witnessed a light coming down from the sky from what they described "looked like a round ball of fire". As the fire ball hovered over the field, the parents heard their son hollering. The father grabbed his shotgun and proceeded to approach the situation with his wife following. Upon their approach, the parents saw their son accompanied by "little men" being lifted up into the fiery object. The father reported having fired several rounds at the object as it departed. Additionally, they found their dog lying dead, its head having been crushed.
B. Father called in to Darlington police who came out to investigate. The official report reads that the boy had run off into the nearby woods and is lost. There are no apparent footprints at the point where he was last seen. Within 48 hours of notification, Wright-Patterson AFOSI determined that in the interests of national security, the family be processed for relocation. Their belongings and personal effects were loaded in and taken to Z21-14. The couple were exhibiting phycological stress. Psychotherapy and deprogramming were administered. Hynek concludes this incident be a genuine CE 3.

5. UFO Encounter with USAF
A. Maj William Cunningham, a suspect in the death of Sgt Jonathon Lovette E-6, during a UFO encounter at 0300 in March 1956. Cunningham confined to base Dispensary for observation and treatment. White Sands confirmed unidentified radar contact near Holloman. Base dispatched search parties into Chihuahuan. Lovette’s body found three days later 10 miles downrange. Body fully unclothed and exposed to elements for approx 36 hours. Also of note, ████████ were also found dead in the proximity of Lovette’s body. The birds are being examined for cause of death.
B. Lovette’s corpse was emasculated. Eyes removed. Tongue cut from the lower portion of jaw. An incision had been made just under the tip of the chin that extended all the way back to the esophagus and larynx. Anal sphincters removed. Genitalia removed. Examination report by coroner remarks on apparent surgical skill used to remove organs— being neatly extracted. Blood completely drained, however no indication of vascular collapse usually associated with death by bleeding.
C. In Maj William Cunningham's statement, he and Sgt Jonathon Lovette were downrange near the ridge of a small sand dune when Lovette went out of sight at 0300. Maj Cunningham says he heard Sgt Lovette scream in what he described as terror or agony. Maj Cunningham says that he thought Sgt Lovette was being bitten by a snake. Maj Cunningham exited the jeep to investigate the scream over the dune's ridge. Major Cunningham claims that he saw a silvery disk like object hovering in the air approximately 15 to 20 feet high. He apparently then saw Sgt Lovette being dragged across the desert by a snake-like object wrapped around his legs and into the craft. Major Cunningham admittedly froze as he witnessed the incident and the disc going up into the sky very quickly. Major Cunningham called in the incident to Missile Control, whereupon he was met and taken in for questioning.

6. UFO Sightings on Radar and Electronic Surveillance
████████████████████████████████. Missing time was reported during R&D of the hypersonic North American X-15. Test pilot Iven Kincheloe was selected for the X-15 program but died in an air crash in July 1958 at Edwards.

7. Analysis of cadavers
A. Project GRAY SUIT 612-621. AFSWP investigated L-1 and AFOSI investigated L-2, the result of a high altitude fatal mid-air collision between at least two aircraft, one of which involved an unidentified planform of interplanetary nature. Site L-2, located at Lat. 33-40-31, Long. 106-28-29, yielded the most material for analysis. L-2 may be closely associated with Site L-1, due to the similarity of material recovered and that the impact at Site L-1 and debris pattern suggests that the craft hit the ground at a sharp angle and continued to remain airborne until coming to rest at Site L-2. Five bodies from project GRAY SUIT were recovered and coroner photos taken.
B. Coroner report indicates that there was no apparent stomach or digestive track. Fluid within body was chlorophyll-based. Nourishment and waste might be part of a type of cutaneous respiration system but is inconclusive. The bodies are extremely odorous, in the range of thiol mercaptan odor emissions. Photos are included in this report. See Appendixes G, H, I and J.

8. Analysis Report by Dr J. Allen Hynek, Lt Col Friend
A. Dr J. Allen Hynek reviewed the cadaver reports from project GRAY SUIT and categorized the incident as a genuine UFO capture. Concerning the cadavers, Dr Hynek was non-committal about the nature of the bodies being extraterrestrial because he "did not view the bodies personally, but only reviewed photographs and accompanying reports from the autopsies." Signed J. Allen Hynek.
B.There are fourteen A.L.F., possibly a fifteenth. Most are stationed in L.E.O., predominantly hovering over Earth's coordinates at ████ ████, ████ ████, and ████ ████ that we know of. There are two more A.L.F. in underground complexes, one A.L.F. on each side of The Meridian. USAF proposes centralizing a Space Command by August 1977.

9. Power Plant Space-Time Continuums, Closed, Open, and Folded
A. ████████████████████████████████████████████. Eleven ████ cadavers are being kept at Wright-Patterson, Site Able and Sandia labs. Parts and samples were sent to Detrick. Lt Gen Doolittle predicts the inevitability of MJ-1949-04P/78 if a third party is not put in place to monitor Dulles activities.
B. Moving forward, Red Light a success at Groom Lake. S and T developments of the ████ were tested at LARC in Langley and the ████ itself is being kept at MacDill. Eglin's R&D with ████ is kept at Armament Development Test Center. By Executive Order, certain aspects of research had been undertaken by ATC, who has assumed responsibility for all training commands at Randolph, where Alpha Operational Detachment for ████ recoveries are now based.