Pleiades, known as the “Seven Sisters”, are seven stars associated with various extraterrestrial deities in mythologies around the world.


In astronomy, Pleiades are a group of stars believed to originate from an open cluster, as viewed in constellation Taurus.

Native American loreEdit

Lakota legend speaks of seven maidens being chased by a bear. On their knees, they prayed for divine intervention, the result being that the ground beneath them erupted, high into the air, lifting them out of harm’s way, as the bear clawed at the risen ground. The result was Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, the bear’s claws having carved vertical geological features into the rock, and the seven maidens having been installed above as the Pleiades.

The Hopi believe their ancestors came from the Pleiades, the place, or people they call Chuhukon, or, those who cling together, a reference it seems to that tightly grouped starry cluster, as it appears to the naked eye.

Early Dakota legends speak of the Pleiades, or Tiyami, as the abode of the ancestors.[1]


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