Mission: Access and describe the site in the target envelope.


Percival and Artemis

. The summary of information is attached to this report.

Parz and Arna.gif

Target#: ████
Date: ██ ██ 90
Time: 1000-1030
Viewer: ████

Dark. Unable to see. Eyes open, but still black. Some speckles of light. white circle. Calm now. Serene. Many flowers. Fields of flowers pastel like. Don't know what type, all seem to be the same - paisley? World seems different, not like earth. Two shiny objects in the sky, maybe they are suns, but not very bright. Maybe moons, but its daylight.

Time seems irrelevant here. As if there is no time. Maybe it has something to do with not feeling earth's sun and seeing some imitation in its place. There are two figures approaching me. No, not curious. No, they don't recognize me. They look human. One is male and the other female. There seems to be a child in the background? or distance? Can't tell. Perspective of distance is limiting here. The man has white hair, but he looks young looking. So does the woman who is accompanying him. Phonetics are "Parz" and "Arna".
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