Paralysis devices are described in some Close Encounters, especially those of the Third and Fourth Kind. They may be used to paralyze a victim so as to carry out an abduction, or to alter one’s state of consciousnesses for contact.

Paralysis penEdit


not actual paralysis pen

A paralysis pen, or stasis pen, induces temporary paralyzing affects on a victim. It may even put the victim in stasis, while the victim is completely aware of their surroundings. In the Masse encounter, one of two grays used a paralysis pen on Maurice Masse, temporarily paralyzing his entire body that lasted some 20 minutes, while completely aware.[1]

Paralysis ringEdit


Not actual paralysis ring

Another type of paralysis device has been descibed as a gaunlet-type ring. In the Pretzel encounter, 19-year old Maria Elodia Pretzel, became weakend when she was targeted by a such a paralysis device, during her Close Encounter of the third kind. Pretzel’s visitor was a ‘tall white’ humanoid who used a paralyis ring to induce her into an altered state of consciousness.[2]


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