Monkey Man
Monkey Man
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New Delhi, India[1]


Monkey-like face, bipedal, believed to be alien[1]


Porobably a hoax

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"People in India often find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality."
—Sanal Edamaruku(source)

The Monkey Man is considered to be one of the strangest alien beings yet, with a face shaped like a monkey and three buttons on his coat which do supernatural things.[1]


The sightings of the Monkey Man took place in 2001 in the Asian subcontinent and country India.[1] The Monkey Man caused thousands of sightings at first, and the sightings were very inconsistent in nature.[1] Although the inconsistent reports made the whole concept appear as a hoax, it still had thousands panicked, and children were sent relative's houses.[1] The sightings appeared all over the newspaper and television.[1]

The Monkey Man soon began "attacking" people in reports, leading the families to fear.[1] The attacks were usually early in the morning, about 4:00 am or so.[2] On May 19, the New Delhi local police said that almost three hundred reports were made, of which most were hoaxes.[1] The attacks were sometimes said to be accompanied with a loud whistle or thumping sound.[2] The "attacks" were mostly just rat bites or regular monkey bites.[1]

Reports of similiar creatures were filed in Assam and Rajasthan that both a "bear man" and a "wolf man" were killing.[1] These are likely just hoaxes.


Explanations from people were in the extreme.[1] There were several theories on how the being was created/came to Earth.[1] Some said the creature was a scientist's failed experiment, while others said that the creature was some kind of half-man half-robot alien.[1] Still others suggested the possibility of a Pakastani creation.[1] However, looking at most of the evidence, it is almost certain that the creature was either a hoax or just an exaggeration on a real attack from a monkey.[1] Another explanation is the fact that a TV show about the Hindu monkey god Hanuman and his supernatural feats was being shown.[2]


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