The following is a reconstructed version of Meade Layne’s memo, based on available information:

Vista, Calif.

Meade Layne, Director


Of my sources, the most direct information involves three informants, two of whom are scientists of distinction, and the third a buisness man of high standing.

One of the scientists, a Dr. Weisberg, a physics professor from a California university, saw the disc himself and took part in the examination of it. He says the disc was shaped like a turtle’s back, with a cabin space some fifteen feet in diameter. The bodies of six occupants were seared and the interior of the disc had been badly damaged by intense heat. One porthole had been shattered.

An autopsy on one body showed that it resembled a normal human body except in size. One body was seated at what appeared to be a control desk, there were a few ‘gadgets’ in front of him, and on the walls or panels were characters in writing, in a language unknown to any of the investigators. They said it was unlike anything known to them, and was definitely not Russian. There was no propeller and no motor and they could not understand how it was driven or controlled. It was considered possible that the disc was wrecked by heat of friction with the atmosphere.

On the basis of present information, I accept the facts of Dr. Weisberg’s story as authentic.

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