The Masse encounter was the Close Encounter of the third kind of Maurice Masse in 1965. Masse was a farmer in Valensole, France.



Example of a commonly described Gray, matching Masse’ description.

Masse sighted two beings less than 4 feet tall, dressed in gray-green overalls; having smooth, bald, pumpkinlike heads; large slanted eyes, and with little holes for mouths,[1] a common description of Grays. One of the two beings, suspected as abductors, used a paralysis pen on Masse that temporarily paralyzed his entire body for some 20 minutes, while leaving him completely aware.[1]

Length of time and awarenessEdit


not the actual pen

Once Masse was induced by the “pencil-like object”, he experienced temporary paralysis for “about 20 minutes”.[1] Interestingly, Masse was able to describe events, even immediately after being induced: “Then the being placed the object into a small case or holster on its left side, and then the two beings moved with great agility toward the UFO, which they entered through a sliding door. Then with a whistling noise the UFO lifted off the ground and within seconds had disappeared in a westerly direction.”[1] After having witnessed these details, while induced for said “twenty minutes”, Masse regains full control of his body again. Thus, showing complete awareness of surroundings, even after being induced.

Possible aftereffectsEdit

Three days after the incident, Masse suffered a great loss of energy. He slept 12 to 14 hours on the first day, and then the next day he slept nearly 24 hours. It was several weeks before he was able to resume his normal sleep routine.[1] It is not known if these posttraumatic stress symptoms were aftereffects aggravated by the paralysis pen, but it cannot be ruled out.

Possible missing time and abductionEdit

A number of investigators who had interviewed Masse (including Jacques Vallee) concluded that Masse was not telling the whole story. Though he hinted that there had been some sort of communication between himself and the beings, he never revealed the particulars to investigators. He told Vallee that one was best off not sharing such encounters with anyone, even family.[1]

Based on Masse’s admission to withholding information, suggests that the paralysis pen did more than just temporarily paralyze him for “twenty minutes”. Though the Masse case may be considered a Close Encounter of the third kind, this case might have actually been an abduction. The paralysis pen could have actually knocked Masse out; potentially caused missing time; or perhaps put him in stasis for well longer than twenty minutes, whether he realized it or not.


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