"MJ-12 Document"[1] surfaced in 1984,[2] among ufology groups such as APRO and MUFON.

The FBI says Majestic 12 (65-81170) is bogus, having marked each page in all caps with the expression “BOGUS”.[3] Atlas Obscura commented on their excessiveness, “The FBI debunked these UFO documents in the most childish way possible.”[2]


FBI Records, Majestic 12 (65-81170)

AO contributor Eric Grundhauser says, “The relevant files can be easily accessed on the FBI’s website, and nothing in there has been redacted. But no matter how many times the Majestic 12 case gets debunked, true believers stay interested.”[2]

So according to Eric Grundhauser’s comment, the FBI airtel pages would not be relevant? Grundhauser overlooks all of the redacted airtel transmission pages, within the 24 page FBI packet. The FBI looks like they had been scrambling for an official answer, on the authenticity of Majestic 12 (65-81170). Sixteen additional FBI airtel transmission pages are included,[3] when the original “MJ-12 Document” is only 8 pages long.[4] So why is Grundhauser writing for Atlas Obscura?


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