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The M-triangle is a remote area near the Ural mountains, where bright lights have been reported.[1]

Glowing aliens have been reported in the forests of the area.[1]

Located about 600 miles east of Moscow, the M-Triangle might be the best place in all of Russia to see a UFO. Residents of this remote mountainous region count mysterious happenings as part of their daily life: strange lights, unidentified flying machines, encounters with translucent beings, and weird symbols and letters written across the sky. There are even reports that people who visit the M-Triangle develop super-human powers, which may be why the place is under constant surveillance by Russia's intelligence agencies.

For over a hundred years, locals have reported highly strange sightings. It is known that under the Soviet regime, several expeditions were sent to the M-triangle, but exactly for what purpose, and what they found is not widely known.

The citizens of the nearest towns say that the lights in the sky come in many shapes and numbers, sometimes just passing through, but sometimes reportedly they levitate or hover for several minutes, sometimes even hours. Speculation amongst some UFO enthusuasts suggests that perhaps the former presence of uranium in the mineral-rich mountains in the area may be acting as some type of UFO magnet, or perhaps even causing mass hallucinations.

One of the strange craft caught here on video in Russia's "M Triangle"

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