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Suspect: The Pentagon scanner-boys

Date: 1996 October 28

T.A.G in on a -- " Oh My Gawd, It's Full of Roswell! " --
                 What-The-Pentagon's-Hal-2001-*Really*-Saw...... Tangent

                                                  October 28, 1996

** The Following Letter was sent to the Pentagon directly and cross-posted
   along related Fido and Internet forums during the week of March 18, 1996
   It is re-posted in its entirety, with additional NEW information provided
   to me tonight by an untraceable phone-call.

(the call was made through the operator and according to the operator
 the call comes up with a "0" code and -even the operator- cannot
 trace where it came from under those circumstances)

Preface: Information on U.S agencies and operations terms was provided
         by the caller, and only in hasty response to my posing a
         given question.  I cannot confirm the existence of these
         organizations or of their operations codes.

   The caller claimed to be affiliated with an arm of the S.N.S.A
   (an operations wing of the N.S.A - National Security Agency)

   Though I cannot authenticate the caller, he was in possession of personal
information pertaining to an encounter I had shortly after sending the letter
to the Pentagon.  The caller, when asked to identify himself, referred to
himself in the third person and stated "his call sign is `Passport'"
(though with the pronunciation it may have been `Past-Port')

Passport intimated that my letter had unwittingly raised enough interest in
"upper management" to mandate a level 3 inquiry, and that -someone- apparently
got very nervous because it was immediately updated to a Level-1c and
mandated to the I.N.S.A (the International operations wing of the N.S.A)

- specifically, a Level-1c operation requires operatives make innocuous
  direct contact with individual being monitored.  -- In order to ween
  further information and assess probability of said individual containing
  additional information.

An encounter with a twenty-something average looking `student-type' in which
I was masterfully coerced into discussing the Roswell incident with a
complete stranger, did indeed occur and Passport did reference many aspects
of the I.N.S.A operations procedure that were startlingly consistent with the
approach of this twenty-something student-type that I encountered.

It is interesting to note that at the time of the encounter, a comment made
by the twenty-something did contain a reference/veiled warning directly
concerning the N.S.A.  Here is a brief excerpt of that encounter
(to the best of my recollection):

 Him "do you know who the N.S.A are?"
 Me  "yes, the National Security Agency"
 Him "I've heard that they can make people disappear, I wouldn't fuck
      with them"
 Me  "I'm not worried"
 Him "Why did you write the letter to the Pentagon?"
 Me  "To shake the tree and seperate the bananas from the monkey"
 Him " Where did you get the information that you used in the

[ it is interesting to note, that at this point, I had only said that
  I had sent a letter, I had not mentioned the details of what was in
  the letter, and his question does seem to imply knowledge of the
  contents of the letter itself, rather than the simple existence of.
  I remember this clearly because it struck me as odd that his first
  question wasn't "what was in the letter?" ]

Me  "Personal information and I'm a bit of deconstructionalist"
Him "What's a deconstructionalist?"
Me  "putting a puzzle together by first taking it apart"
Him "How do you know what deconstruction is?"
Me  "ever since I was a kid I noticed that everything relates to
     everything else, there are only so many paths that anything
     can take, so if you work backwards starting at the end you
     can systematically eliminate the wrong paths until you work
     a path back to the beginning.  Then you have the whole picture
     from end to start."

[ again, it is interesting to note, that his response implies he was
  well aware of what deconstruction is, and that the point of his
  question was simply to see how much I knew.  Additionally, Passport
  implied that this was asked because `deconstruction' is an
  N.S.A (standard intelligence operations) training procedure and the
  twenty-something was trying to discover whether I had previous
  intelligence training ]

from here, the twenty-something turned the conversation to psychology
with the intent of implying that "deconstruction" was a dangerous
tool because "knowing too much about anything is always dangerous"
(or words to that effect) - again, a possible veiled threat.

Further details, following the re-printing of the original Roswell
Incident letter, below, in addition to some NEW details provided
by Passport.

  Msg#: 6                                            Date: 18 Mar 96  14:38:07
  From: Michael X. Maelstrom
    To: The Pentagon
  Subj: The Roswell Incident - Military Cover-Story

T.A.G in on a -- "Oh My God, It's Full of Chemical Warfare" --

To : You-Know-Who-You-Are c/o (fpi)
via: The Pentagon scanner-boys
re : The Roswell Incident

                                                  March 17, 1996

   Dear Pentagon,

             UFO - Ultimately Following Orders.

             Let's call these `potentially damaging profile-observations':

   You-Know-Who-You-Are, has risen to quite a position of power.  You enjoy
it not simply because of the comfortable lifestyle, but more acutely because
of the kick it gives to your id.  Back in 1947, you were young and already
established within the rungs of power.  You were also unfortunately for your
id, involved in the U.S-sales of chemical-weapons-to not-entirely-publicly

   The deal seemed simple enough, though it was quite obviously risky.

It was to go down like this:

                         A modified "Wing" slash prototype Stealth
was loaded with containers of chemical weapons.  These containers
were adorned with foreign words/letters from said purchasing country.
Why? to divert suspicion away from the U.S in the event these containers
should ever be discovered by parties uninvolved in the transaction.
A basic U.S intelligence safety-precaution.

The containers however, were not properly sealed, and the all-too-human
crew suffered serious horrible biological manifestations as a direct result.

Another direct result, was that with the crew half dead, blind and
writhing in agony, the aimless "Wing" crash landed at Roswell.

Unfortunately for You-Know-Who-You-Are, security at Roswell, for the most
part, despite its stringency, was not capable of smoldering what little
the local civilian residents had seen.

You had a problem.

Intelligence reported that "UFO" (flying disc) had come up by way of an
explanation by locals and you decided (initially) to run with it.  It seemed
a fairly good cover-story and after-all anything was better than the truth.
However, a new problem arose, you were young and had the power that money
brought but didn't yet have the power that position brought.  Over-your-head
the U.S top brass ordered that the UFO-story be killed at all costs.  You
hadn't counted on this, but there was nothing you could do about it.  In 1947
the U.S did not want even remotely credible UFO-stories circulating and
causing panic and unrest and worse, public interest in military operations
and national safety.

With the UFO cover squelched, out came (what we now know as) the standard
fallback military explanation: The weather balloon.

Unfortunately, too many people knew otherwise, and over the years these
bits and pieces came to surface.  People had seen `bodies', debris
inconsistent with that of a weather-balloon, foreign symbols and a craft
of some sort in the air.  Also over the years, your position grew
until it, along with the power of your wealth, brought you the ability to be
directly involved with top-brass decisions involving Roswell.

This brings us up to 1994

The Roswell incident over the last 46 years has not, unfortunately for
You-Know-Who-You-Are gone away.  No, quite the contrary it has grown
to such proportions that it now stands as _the_ flagship case of
ufology.  Why? because when the original UFO cover-story was dropped
the replacement weather-balloon explanation was so obviously fallacious
that the only place to go, was back to the original UFO story.  Slam-Dunk
for UFO buffs everywhere, handed on a flying silver platter.

In 1994, the Pentagon carried its scrotum too low and decided it was time
to deal with this bothersome Roswell case, once and for all.  If we say
it actually was a UFO cover-story, top-brass reasoned, the people will
demand proof and worse, more access to Roswell military records.  We can't
have that, eventually the truth will come out.  The only option is to
provide a "new" cover-story, this time one that people will believe so
we can close inquiry into this case down, for good.

Why? because though the Roswell "UFO" cover-story was a great cover-story
that served you-know-who-you-are's purposes well in a small town, back
in 1947, up in 1994 it was quite another ballpark.  In fact, instead of
being the purview of an easily dismissed bunch of UFO crackpots, the
Roswell incident, by 1994 had become of interest to a fundamentally larger
group of people.  Why? because it played like a sensational Hollywood
movie that manages to cross all cultures: It contained enough of everything
to appeal to everyone (non-credible disprovability ergo potential credibility
mysticism, intrigue, theology, military cover-ups, eye-witnesses, aliens
paranoia, unsolved mysteries, intrigue intrigue and more intrigue, etc.)
By now, the UFO cover-story had grown into a liability because in 1994, when
faced with a question, people tended to press for answers; or rather the
press tended to press for answers.  And the press tended to dig in enough
backyards to eventually wind up with a few corpses and worse, answers
that led to some more very incriminating questions.  And so on.  There is
nothing worse than having a locked closet full of damaging secrets and
having to open the door to your home to a houseguest locksmith.

"Unfortunately" (yet again) top-brass made a drastic error in judgement
here on two levels.  One, by making public statements on an incident over
45 years old, the case received its widest exposure ever.  Two, top-brass
are quite aged generians.  Individuals of 50 years and up, tend to have
a limited grasp of modern culture.  The upshot of which was a terribly
miscalculated mere re-working of the Weather balloon explanation broadcast
across all media (Oprah even) in 1994.

What was not counted on by the sheltered elite, was that public awareness
and weariness towards any balloon-theory was at its peek.  Simply, no one
bought it and worse, most people wondered why the military would even bother
to attempt to deny a "crackpot UFO story" unless of course, someone had
something to hide.  "Why bother? Unless.." was/is the question on everyone's

This brings us to the "Alleged Alien Autopsy Film" purportedly containing
live footage of Autopsies performed on those 6 fingered mutated-human
appearing aliens at Roswell.  Anyone with an IQ now knows that this
film is a fake.  This is the first happy happenstance to befall You-Know-Who
You-Are since this mess began.  Why? because for the first time, the emphasis
has shifted from what-Roswell-was over to what-Roswell-wasn't.  Additionally
if people can be convinced to disseminate what-it-wasn't while at the same
time beating the issue to death, Roswell can feasibly transform from an
exponentially growing cult phenomenon requiring dangerous inquiry, into
yesterday's-flash-in-the-pan hot topic, soon forgotten.  This is what
You-know-who-you-are desperately wants, -if- it can be achieved.

Quite simply, someone tried to make money on the high profile Roswell case by
circulating/selling a glorified video production (which, as most of the world
will soon be aware of, actually contains the word `video' not-so-hidden
within it) - Why? basic production megalomania psychosis: simply put, the
video director created the autopsy film with the initial attempt of
pitting his ability against world scrutiny.  To attempt this, you have to
hold 2 basic tenets to be true 1. That people are easily fooled, 2. More
importantly that you are capable of fooling them because you are superior.
This well-documented psychosis virtually always gives rise to:
3. Over-confidence, resulting in the `planting' of well-hidden clues.  The
reasoning is the same that gave rise to taking the `challenge' of creating
the film in the first place: you believe that because people are so easily
fooled and because you are so vastly superior, that therefore you are
capable of proving both at the same time by leaving what you feel are
superiorly hidden clues/jabs.  A glorified megalomaniacal modus operandi.
There's little point in dissecting the Autopsy tape any further
within this document, public access to the various discrepancies within
the video, is widely available.

But more effectively still, is the damaging growing public association of
the film with the actual Roswell event.  Though they are two entirely
separate issues, some damage to the credibility of the actual Roswell
case has been publicly achieved via the exposure of the film as a hoax.

"Unfortunately" yet again, the top-brass has decided to once-again try
to close the book on the case by circulating yet another "new" cover-story
on Roswell (due out in the next few months) to proverbially hammer the final
nail into the Roswell coffin following the Autopsy-scandal and its associative
damage.  Once again, You-know-who-you-are are not able to leave-well-enough

Why? because the Pentagon has gotten itself into a game of squash
with the media and once again, its carrying its scrotum too heavily.
More importantly, endemic military-thinking leans towards the concept
of throttling an opponent when it's weakened rather than backing off.

The rational is this: If we (the military) leave the situation as it is
(with the Autopsy film scandal associatively damaging the actual Roswell
 incident story) we may only temporarily have the upper hand.  It is likely
that the Roswell case will drop out of public interest _today_ but it will
most likely resurface at a later date once people realize disproving the
Autopsy film does not actually disprove that something happened at Roswell
and wham, we're right back at square 81.  Ergo, our best bet is to hit hard
and fast, bring out some "new" evidence quickly and kill the story once and
for all while negative momentum is rolling.

Between 1994 and 1996, the Pentagon scanner-boys have been amassing public
opinions on the Roswell case, with one goal in mind: to discover precisely
which story todays generation will most-likely be willing to accept
concerning Roswell.  The data has been accumulated and the conclusion
is that most people will accept a combination of the following factors:

1. High ranking U.S official covering up shady activities involving:

   a. inhumane experiments
   b. nuclear related
   c. sales of illegal weaponry
   d. incompetent/dangerous use of highly volatile material

*** The story given above is a variation on the sort of story the U.S
    will try to release to the public in order to convince us all
    once and for all, the Roswell case was not an UFO.

    The truth is, it was.

                                     ((To Be Continued))

                                     Michael X. Maelstrom
                                     The Avante Guardian
                               Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth

... Yes, TAGMINISTER: We must ensure that if they cannot stand up to
                      outside scrutiny, we will make them top secret.