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Krlll (pronounced krill) is the alleged name of the deity who met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in February 1954, to enter the United States of America into a contract with the Solar Warden.

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As part of the 1953 alien agenda, Solar Warden transmitted a message facade to Holloman Air Force Base that they are a race of beings from the Betelgeuse system, whose planet was dying, and that at some unknown future point they would not survive there. This message prompted President Eisenhower to meet with Krlll, which was carried out February 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base. Krlll was described as appearing to be a "large-nosed gray alien", who deified himself as your "Omnipotent Highness". The title was secretly mocked by US officials, who did not take kindly to such titles.[1] At this meeting, President Eisenhower submitted to entering the United States of America into a contract with the Solar Warden, commonly known as 1954 Greada Treaty among ufologists.

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Millennia old practice of offering human biology (See also Ambrosia).

Although US officials were led to believe that they were entering a "treaty" with the intent of exchanging knowledges with an "extraterrestrial" race, they were in fact, entering a contract with age-old Earth-based Supernormals, who have imposed the following on the USA:

  • The US government is to swear to secrecy of [ their ] presence on Earth.
  • The US government is required to grant full access to all and any US government facilities.
  • The US government must dedicate Four Corners, USA, including Nevada, to develop and maintain underground bases under specified Indian reservations[1] "holy sites".
  • The US government must meet/or allow a quota of biological specimens to be offered (including human biology).

The ancient practice of offering human biology to the ancients, goes back to the dawn of mankind, now made official in the United States of America, with cooperation of the US government as of 1954. The United States of America sold its soul upon execution of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ten years prior, in 1945.

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