The Jim Sparks abduction concerns Fourth Kind encounters by Jim Sparks since 1995, who had contact with Grays for over 6 years, as recounted in his book The Keepers. His first encounter with beings from other worlds occured in 1988.[1]

Alien abductionEdit

Sparks describes his abduction experience as the agony of being "pulled" from his bed at night to a craft.[1]

"I'm usually pulled the same way, which I call the 'hard way', and it's completely physical. My whole body is taken. The first thing I hear is a low-pitched, whirling sound in my head, like a whip going around in the air. This is usually after I go to bed and am asleep. Normally for me, it's 3:30 am in the early morning. I don't know why. I wake up from my natural sleep, and then there's the whirling sensation in the pit of my stomach and it feels like its' coming up into my chest. when it gets up to my heart area, my heart starts beating fast, just racing in my head, and the whirling sound starts picking up rpm and is tremendously loud. It starts low and rises in pitch and screams in your head. The fear is like you're going to die. Your heart is racing a million miles an hour and then you get this acceleration feeling, but I always feel like I'm being pulled down; I never feel like I'm being pulled up. It's like I go down a rollercoaster, only a hundred times faster, and whoom-you black out and you're there, where it is you're going to be, usually on board a craft."[1]

Alien appearanceEdit

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"small, grey, drone worker types; taller true aliens, or supervisors; and tall reptoids with big, human-shaped bodies covered with scaly, reptile skin."[1]

"I saw the profiles of about a dozen large creatures standing in a semicircle. Although it was night, I could make out the shapes of their body size -- and they were large, even by human standards. A few inches from the ground, I blacked out."[1]


Sparks' description of multi-dimensional workings is reminiscent with Memorandum 6751 which states that Supernormals are "from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own".[2]

"I know the aliens rely heavily on a created field. This field produces several things: the ability to work in one dimension and be partially in another, and the ability to move us poor humans through solid matter."-Jim Sparks[1]

1995 abductionEdit

The 1995 abduction has left Jim Sparks "obsessed with saving the rainforests and stopping the human slashing and burning-by-fire that is destroying them." The reptilian entities also provoked questions about a possible connection to "viper" references in Enoch of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible.[1]

1997 abductionEdit

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