The Jean Hingley case involves a close encounter in 1979 with three insectoids described as having butterfly wings. Hingley’s recounting of events appeared in the "Flying Saucer Review" (Nov./Dec. 1979) after being interviewed by Eileen Morris.[1]


Jean Hingley

Close encounterEdit

The insectoids meant no harm to Hingley. They communicated with her in kindness (as a hive mind), investigating her furnishings around the house. They stayed only a short time, before leaving in their craft. It was described as about ten foot long, having round windows or portholes that seemed to be covered with a kind of shining plastic. ‘There was something like a "scorpion tail" at the back and a kind of "wheel" on top.’[1]


Rough sketch of Jean Hingley’s 1979 sighting of UFO

The pressEdit

Although the English press whimsically labelled the story "Mince Pie Martians",[2] its likely that the beings were not from Mars, as the Jean Hingley transcript says nothing about that planet. When Hingley asked them, "Where have you come from?"; they responded: "We come from the sky."


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