Jimmy Guieu Vs Pierre Lagrange (1997) -- Les abductions

Jimmy Guieu Vs Pierre Lagrange (1997) -- Les abductions


Haurrio is an alleged humanoid entity, who is best known in the Franck Fontaine abduction case of 1979,[1] although there are some who claim to have also seen him in the United States.


Haurrio is often depicted in a one piece garmet, bald, tall, white or silverish.[2] Though he is seen as male, he may appear feminine.

Prevost contactEdit

According to Jean-Pierre Prevost (while in a hypnotic trance), Haurrio was the name of an entity who contacted Prevost in a suburb of Paris, France in November, 1979. Prevost was told that he would be a Noah-figure by spreading the word about extraterrestrials, and that “those who will have helped them get the message out will be spared” (Jaques Vallee text. Revelations, 151).

Prevost’s contact occurred in association with the abduction case of his flat-mate, Franck Fontaine[3] (See Franck Fontaine abduction).


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