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Hamiton's airship sighting concerns the real sighting of a UFO in 1897 at the Hamilton Farmstead, by farmer Alexander Hamilton, who was known to be a “tall talker” with the local liar’s club.


Farmer Alexander Hamilton described the UFO as a cigar-shaped airship hovering over his farm. Upon discovering that a calf was missing from his inventory, he brought the matter up to leading friends. The "calfnapping" story made it to the local paper. As it turns out, Hamilton was part of the ‘local liars club’. Having embellished the story with a ‘winching a calf by the rope’, made great “tall talk”. But unfortunately, such statements diluted the genuineness of the actual eye-witnessing of the mystery airship. Cigar-shaped ships were verified in Gary McKinnon's hacking of the Solar Warden conspiracy.

[1] In xenology, Lacerta claims that the Solar System had been colonized thousands of years ago by beings operating cigar-shaped craft.[2] NASA’s former top engineer, Norman R. Bergrun, points to cigar-shaped ships stationed within Saturn’s rings, in his book Ringmakers of Saturn.

Truth of a lieEdit

Alexander Hamilton, of Yates Center, Kansas, was a member of the local liar's club. In 1897, there were no electronics or man made flying machines. Hamilton's story was based on something he actually witnessed, and likely upset about a missing calf.

Hamilton’s tall talk described sky people coming down from an airship, who tried to tie a rope around one of his young calves and winch it aboard.[3] His story appeared in the Yates Center local newspaper along with statements from leading citizens vouching for Hamilton's honesty. For almost a hundred years it was considered one of the best documented UFO cases in ufology. However, the revealing of the local liars club in 1977 by Jerry Clark, in FATE magazine, who published the results of Robert Schadewald's work on the "calfnapping" story,[4] only served to kill a true eye-witness account as a hoax.

Based on numerous, unequivocal cattle mutilation reports since the 19th century, Hamilton most likely did experience missing cattle, or at least the one calf, from his farm. The only real liar’s club exaggeration, was Hamilton’s claim that the sky people tried to winch his calf with a rope.

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