Unexplained Phenomenon



The statements made, apply to parties who appear to be victims of abduction. There is reasonable cause to believe that there is imminent danger of becoming a victim. A review of public source records reveal the following information:

Abduction claims

Eye witness accounts describe their alleged abductors as being "gray" or "grey" in color. Reported Grey abductions make up approximately 75% of all alien abduction cases reported in the United States as of 1995.[1]

(Editorial comment: 2% are reported in Continental Europe and 12% in Great Britain.[1])

Greys are often described as humanoidal standing at about 4 feet (1.2 metres) high. Some reports have 7 feet (2.1 metres) in height. Large black eyes, large bald head, ears may not be visible, possible indents on each side of the skull, small nose and mouth. Bodies and limbs slender.

Eyes may resemble that of a reptiles', possibly with vertical pupils. Black eyes may be lenses. Subjects Linda Moulton Howe and Budd Hopkins have commented "eye lenses" as a possibility to cope with Earth's UV light.

Some have compared Grey features to those of dolphins, and have proposed a cetacean origin for the Greys.[2] Abduction reports also range from reptoidal and insectoidal Greys.

(Editorial comment: There is some conjecture that Greys are silicone based, rather than carbon based life forms.)

Witness claims

Alleged observations made by witnesses:

  • Time being sped up, slowed down, or missing time
  • Altering of electromagnetic field structures
  • Walking through walls
  • Appearing and disappearing at random intervals
  • Mental contact (telepathically?) sometimes with use of hand gestures
  • Possession of a numbing weapon; black, cylindrical, pencil sized; emits a blue light at the tip. Causes temporary paralysis.

Hierarchy: The size of a Grey establishes hierarchy. Taller Greys appear as leader types who reportedly make mental contact with the abductee. Smaller Greys are non communicative, engage in physiological experimentations, transport biologicals and materiel.

Mythology: Sumerian Anunna pantheon, the 'Igigi' (Latin 'Grigori', meaning "watcher", or "watcher at the door") having some parallels or being of a comparative nature to the Greys. There are some alleged reports of seeing the image of a 'Grey' appearing in cave paintings, art of the Upper Paleolithic, and other out-of-place artifacts.

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