Grey alien
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First sighted

Some sightings in Duval County, Texas are reported in 1945. Possibly 1947, alleged by some to be as far back as Ancient Egypt[1]

Last sighted

Sightings still occur frequently

Place most commonly sighted

North America


1.2m tall Humanoid; hairless grey head with large, bulging eyes

Alleged to originate from

Zeta Reticuli, Orion, Earth (distant past)


Most common alien representation in current media

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Greys (UK), Grays (USA), are beings who appear "grey" in color. Eye witness accounts of the greys are a subject of study in ufology, UFO conspiracy theories, and related paranormal phenomena. Grays make up approximately 75% of all alien abduction cases reported in the United States, 2% reported in Continental Europe, and 12% in Great Britain as of 1995.[2]

Reported appearancesEdit

Greys are often described as humanoids standing at about 1.2 metres (4 feet) high. They have large, black eyes on a large, bald head. They may not have visible ears, or are indented in the skull. They often show having a small nose and mouth, however Krlll was described as having an enlarged nose. Their bodies and limbs are slender.

Some Greys have been reported to be of various sizes, ranging from 1 metre (just over 3 feet) to 2.1 metres (7 feet) in height. Their eyes may resemble that of a reptiles', with vertical pupils. Linda Moulton Howe and Budd Hopkins have suggested that their black eyes may be lenses that help to cope with Earth's UV light.

Some have compared the Greys' features to those of dolphins, and have proposed a cetacean origin for the Greys,[3] however, in abduction reports, they are predominantly considered by many to resemble the reptilian, and in some cases, insectoid beings.

Silicon basedEdit

In some witness accounts, Greys seem to be able to speed up or slow down their particulate, atomic, and EM field structures, leading to such accounts as the beings walking through walls, or seeming to appear and disappear at random. It is sometimes speculated that they are silicone based rather than carbon based life forms.


In various alien abduction reports, the size of a gray may establish a type of hierarchy. Taller Greys tend to appear as a lead Grey, who will make contact (telepathically or with hand gestures) with the abductee. Smaller Greys will often make no communicative contact, but may engage in physiological experimentations, or transporting biologicals and materiels.

Ancient astronautsEdit

See Ancient astronaut hypothesis

In the Sumerian Anunna pantheon, were the 'Igigi', Latin 'Grigori', meaning "watcher", or "watcher at the door", which may have a comparative nature to the 'Grey'. There are some alleged reports of seeing the image of a 'Grey' appearing in cave paintings, art of the Upper Paleolithic, and other out-of-place artifacts.

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