A gray reptilian is an entity that has the appearance of being gray and reptoid. They can appear to wear a one piece suite that may be the same color as their skin,[1] or in some cases, is undistinguishable.

Reptilian-grey crossbreedsEdit

John Rhodes describes gray reptilians as “reptilian-grey crossbreeds”. Rhodes describes them as being up to four and a half feet in height, having oversized craniums, large black eyes with vertical slit pupils, and no ears; having slight torsos, arms and legs.[1]


Three-fingered Nazca mummies

Rhodes gives further details from eye-witness reports: as having either three fingers with a fourth opposable or only three long fingers and no opposable fourth. Others have short claws, or no claws at all. Some experiencers have described their feet as short and stubby, with no toes.[1]

In some gray reptilian experiences, they are reported as having greenish-tan skin, large almond-shaped eyes that are golden in color with a dark, metallic green vertical slit pupil.[1]


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