Gliese 581d
Planet or moon information

Stéphane Udry, April 23, 2007


20.5 light years[1]

Revolves around

Gliese 581

Alien relevance

In the outer edge of habitable zone

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Gliese 581 d is a possible extrasolar planet orbiting within the Gliese 581 system, approximately 20.4 light-years away in the Libra constellation. Though not confirmed to be a terrestrial planet and significantly more massive than Earth (at 6.98 Earth masses), the Super-Earth is the first exoplanet of terrestrial mass proposed to orbit within the habitable zone of its parent star.[2] Assuming its existence, computer climate simulations have confirmed the possibility of the existence of surface water and these factors combine to a relatively high measure of planetary habitability.


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