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Flying Saucer
Unidentified flying object information
First sighted

1290; first modern sighting on June 24, 1947

Last sighted

Still often sighted

Place most commonly sighted



Circular, flat bottom


Many different variants exist

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Flying Saucer is the name given to a type of unidentified flying object with a disc or saucer-shaped body, usually silver and covered with running lights, moving rapidly either alone or in tight formations with other similar craft. Although disc-shaped flying objects have been interpreted as recorded occasionally since the Middle Ages, the first publicized sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 led to thousands of similar sightings across the world.

While wonder about the possible extra-terrestrial origins of these craft washed over the public through movies, television, radio, and pulp publications, a strong case for the determination that these crafts are actually manufactured by humans right here on Earth is made by Luke Fortune in his book UFO How-To, Volume I - 100 Years of UFO Patents. Such sightings were once very common, to such an extent that flying saucer became a synonym for UFO, but recently, the flying saucer has been largely supplanted by other UFOs such as the black triangle.[1]