Epsilon Eridani b
Planet or moon information

Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2000

Orbital period

2502 ± 10 d


10 light years[1]

Revolves around

Epsilon Eridani

Alien relevance

In the habitable zone

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Epsilon Eridani b is a proposed and unconfirmed extrasolar planet nearest to Earth. The body is 1.5 more massive than Jupiter, with a 7-year orbit around the young Sun-like star, Epsilon Eridani.[2]

Conditions for lifeEdit

If moons circle the planet, they might have temperatures similar to Earth's and possibly liquid water. However, the planet's orbit takes it so far from its star that any oceans on the moons would freeze. Life could potentially survive on such moons if they were massive enough to retain a dense heat-trapping atmosphere like Saturn's moon, Titan, said Fritz Benedict at the University of Texas.[2]

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