The Daniel Burisch case involves Dan Burish's childhood abduction, and later involvement in Looking Glass.


Interview with Dan Burisch Las Vegas, July 2006

Interview with Dan Burisch Las Vegas, July 2006

In a 2006 interview in Las Vegas conducted by Linda Moulton Howe, Dan Burisch highlights his abduction experience at the age of nine years old.

Looking GlassEdit

Daniel Burisch was a student at UNLV. During the 1991 Gulf War, Burisch was deployed to Iraq for the purpose of counteracting a rogue military unit’s intended application of unauthorized biological warfare agents against the Iraqi Army. After the war, Burisch was assigned to a microbiology lab, claimed to be at Area 51 with a MAJ clearance, under Project Aquarius. In July 2006, Burisch had gone public about his experiences regarding 'Looking Glass'.

Looking Glass involved research and development of a propulsion system, in the application of anti-gravity theory. According to Burisch, this research was collaborated with a J-Rod, or Gray.

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