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The Crill, or Krill, is the name given to a lizard species of the Draco system. The name originally[fn 1] was the name of one of the "ambassadors" that came to stay on Earth after the US Governement had its first official contact with them. Later on, the name got used to indicate the species "ambassador Crill" belonged to.[fn 2] The late Bill Cooper, in the Krill Report,[fn 3] claimed that O.H. Crill [fn 4] (or Krill - both spellings are used),[fn 5] was one of the sources of the Yellow Book. Other researchers refer to an exchange ambassador known as 'J-Rod' as (one of) the source(s) of the Yellow Book.

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  1. The name “Crill” originally came from American author O.H. Krill, the writer of The Krill Report or “Krill papers” that were written in 1988. Krill was not an alien, nor does his writings indicate being an alien. The Krill papers show support and references to the claims of Paul Bennewitz, George Andrews, and John Keel.
  2. Conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper postulated that “O.H. Krill” stood for “Original Hostage Krill”. It was Cooper who gave the many variations of the name Krill, such as: Krll, Kryl, Cril (Cooper, 1991) and later Krlll (Cooper, 1995). Naming the "ambassadors" and possibly the species as “Crill” began with Cooper probably around late 1989. Cooper’s assertions are not part of the original documentation.
  3. The inclusion of Bill Cooper’s commentary added into The Krill Report (as either the first or last page) has confused researchers into thinking that Cooper was in some way part of the report–when in fact he was not. The original Krill Report by O.H. Krill does not include Cooper.
  4. See Crill#Bill Cooper
  5. The Krill Report does not use the spelling “Crill”.

Bill CooperEdit

Bill Cooper’s take on O.H. Krill:[2]

“The KRILL papers seemingly came out of nowhere and have stirred up a small hornets nest of speculation. Who is O. H. Krill? Is the information correct? Are parts of the text correct and parts incorrect? Where did the papers come from?
”I do not know who the author is and I do not know if the material is directly from KRLL or not. BUT IT IS APPARENT THAT WHOEVER O. H. KRILL MAY BE HE DID KNOW THE STORY OF KRLL. In my opinion the origin of the material will most probably be the object of much speculation. I cannot comment on the material which covers information that I have never seen before, however I can and will say that much of it is correct and agrees with the information that I have already released.
”I never saw the KRILL papers before in my life until the Sysop of Paranet RHO called my attention to them in a file on that board. This occurred only a few days before Christmas and I uploaded them to Ted Markley as soon as I could. He informed me however that he had already obtained them from another source.”
Bill Cooper


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