Alien Research









May - September 1947


Biological recoveries at L-1 in Corona, New Mexico



1. A sweep of the Corona area was conducted throughout the summer of 1947, under the authority of AEC. SED teams, from Sandia, were deployed to conduct the sweep, as far as the next county, Torrance, due north of L-1 at the border town. The sweep revealed the discovery of five containers roughly 5' long by 1.5' wide.

2. Four SED personnel who came in contact with the containers suffered severe reactions. One technician collapsed, another went into coma four hours after being exposed to open container. The four SED personnel experienced noticeable symptoms and were rushed to Los Alamos for observation. All four later died of seizures and profuse bleeding. All personnel on site were reportedly wearing protective suits. Autopsies on the four SED were not conclusive at Los Alamos. It is believed that the four suffered from some form of toxin or a highly contagious disease. Tissue samples were sent to Detrick.

3. It is the opinion of senior AEC medical officer ████████ that current medical equipment and supplies are wholly inadequate in dealing with a large scale outbreak of the ████ virus. Facilities at Los Alamos and Mayo Clinics are considered as lacking in the current climate.