The 'copper book' as pictured in 1957 CREDIT: DAVID CLARKE/SHEFFIELD HALLAM

The Copper Book was allegedly found within the Silpho UFO and deciphered by UFO investigator Philip Longbottom in 1957/8.[1]


Frank Dickenson, Anthony Parker and Philip Longbottom forced the 16-18” wide Silpho UFO open.[2] Inside was found a Copper Book having 17 thin sheets with phonetic symbols.[3] Longbottom allegedly deciphered its overall message as:

'You will improve or disappear.'[2]


Philip Longbottom: “It was soon found that each symbol had several alternative meanings and sounds depending upon its position under, over or across the line or, in some cases, its proximity to the line. Some of the symbols are abbreviations, and several of them are phonetic spellings of familiar words. The whole thing is not just a simple substitution code, but is a very complicated effort.”[1]

Alien agendaEdit

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The essence of the message was near-identical to that of the humanoid “Space Brothers” of the 1950s whom George Van Tassel, Frank Stranges, and George Hunt Williamson claimed to be in contact with. The message was concerned with humankind’s violent ways, the perils of atomic weapons, and the need for the people of Earth to become unified under a “world council.”[1] (Compare Project Blue Beam).

Further, Philip Longbottom determined that the message was from Ulo,[3] or Ullo,[2] a name that appears in the inscriptions. Its nomenclature and even its message resembles José Luis Jordán-Peña‘s Ummo, which will appear in European ufological circles in the following decade, the ‘60s.


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