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Aiden233 Aiden233 4 April 2016

A UFO In It's General Definition Is An Unidentified flying object

When I Think of Today I Think of A Highly Advanced With

My Personal Summary of Serenia  After 200 years of being uninhabited, myst island has fallen into a state of decay. Thunderstorms never cease and all the pieces of machinery are in disrepair. In 2005, Esher placed a pedestal in the library that would allow him to hold the Tablet which Dr. Watson had in his possession. Esher tried to convince him to bring the Tablet to Myst as Yeesha refused to visit it, but failed. Explorers who complete the Path of the Shell are allowed to visit the library, although the door to the outside…

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Smahksilae Smahksilae 4 July 2009

Update Drive

I know most people stopped caring long ago, but those who are still here should help with the UPDATE DRIVE. This is the most important thing that I have ever initiated, because this Wiki has fallen into disrepair. I feel the need to post it here, but only because nobody is still here. Please help the Wiki. :D


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