Bigfoot is speculated to be a society of large humans whose ancestry may be Neanderthal, living in remote parts of the world, from Asia, to Europe, to the Americas. Rightwing Christian groups often consider them to be demons or nephilim. Their origins, nature, and habits are considered alien to humans.



In giantology, the bigfoot are considered intelligent ancient human tribes, having distinct genetic traits of hypertrichosis and gigantism. They may be the last remaining tribes of human giants (8 to 15 ft tall) worldwide, who might have a wider or more complete Neanderthal genome. They remain allusive from the modern civilized world, possibly using elite evasion techniques that are thousands of years old. Many legends point to caves, mountains, and subterranean locations as the types of habitat they were found at. Tol’tan (pron. tol-uh-tan),[1] is a suspected clan name for an American bigfoot tribe.


Even though considered nominally human, they are likely not interested in integrating with modern human society due to considerably drastic cultural and physical differences. They may have a preference for secrecy connected to their diet. The Afghans warned American soldiers that the cave dwelling giants of Kandahar eat human flesh. Many ancient native American legends of warring giant humans, actually involved cannibalism.


There are some abduction claims that have witnessed the presence of bigfoot. An unusual number of missing person cases have been reported occurring at national parks and secluded areas in North America and parts of Europe. Author and researcher David Paulides noticed very specific “cluster spots” where many of these disappearances happen, as reported in his book “The Missing 411: North America and Beyond”. Paulides has neither confirmed nor denied that bigfoot tribes are responsible for the abductions. However, there are many eye witnesses accounts of having seen or being taken by large beings, in both official and unofficial missing persons reports by those who have been recovered.

Posttraumatic stress, experienced by an abductee, may trigger false memories as to the details of their abductor. Hallucinogenic drugs and poisons may also have been induced upon the victim, during the abduction process. The concoction could cause the victim to relate their experience as having witnessed an entity with inter-dimensional capabilities, accompanied by otherworldly beings, encased in bright light, seeing strange symbols and locations that are incoherent.


According to The Krill ReportGreys have the ability to camouflage themselves as tall [beings] through mental energy projection.”[2]


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