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1973 February 09






Summary report of Advanced Technology at Area 10G


481-MU58 The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans using Advanced Technology (1988), p. 62

Night flight, UFO phenomenon in Viet Nam. AFOSI and SAR to investigate and retrieve Baron 52 forced down by UFO Feb 05.

Baron 52 reported being attacked by radar controlled AAA fire at 0125 Feb 05, then followed up that operations normal at 0130. Approaching 60 nm NE of Attapu, Baron 52 communicated to Moonbeam at 0140: "... under attack by a UFO ... large light". Missed contact at 0200.

Baron 52 mission Feb 04. Scheduled for OZMA at Area 10G, orders direct from new DCI Schlesinger. Official report to monitor PAVN tanks southbound on Ho Chi Minh Trail en route to Kontum and Pleiku, VC. Departure, Ubon RTAFB at approx 2305.

Baron 52 confirmed Feb 07. C-47 fuselage found intact vertical upside down in Salavan jungle, wings severed. Tail number 43-48636. Portion of tail found 100 yards from L1. No apparent damage by AAA or SAM attack. SAR team indicated no attempt by EC-47Q to conduct a controlled crash landing. Determined that five hours of fuel is still on board when crashed.

SAR team unable to examine interior of fuselage. Special Collection Data missing or unobtainable. No visibility of collection crew, Det 3, 6994th SS. Back-enders might be pinned inside the wreckage, unconfirmed. Remains of flight crew confirmed, 361st TEWS. Recovered partial remains. 20 minutes on ground. Heavy presence of hostile forces in the area.

0800 Feb 05. Counterintelligence using unnamed Laotian operative to report observing the transport of four POW. No names. Phu Bai CB listening post intercepting NVA communications from the area reporting the transport of four captured personnel. No names. Include aft jump door missing, Back-ender's safety belts unbuckled, and Back-ender's parachutes missing in report. Information is prepared for initiating ████████████████.