Alien Research

BBS Files of the UFO community were posted long ago on pre-Internet bulletin boards, FIDOnet and Usenet by UFOers. As usual, views expressed in these files are not necessarily the views of Fandom.


Note : this is an upload of a file generated on the Apache Hill BBS, Also try PARANET 1-303-232-6115 both systems operate at up to 2400 BAUD)

This is your Sysop, at Node 47. I have just taken over as lead node to this UFO conference.


BBS No. 42


You should investigate each instance which is brought to your attention of a sighting of a flying disc in order to ascertain whether or not ------ is ------ . ------ is a bona-fide sighting, an imaginary one or a prank. You should also bear in mind that individuals might report seeing flying discs for various reasons. It is conceivable that an individual might be desirous of seeking personal publicity, causing hysteria or playing a prank.

The ------ should be notified immediately by teletype of all reported sightings and the results of your inquiries. In instances where the report appears to have merit, the teletype should be followed by a letter to the ------ containing in detail the results of your inquiries. The Army Air Forces have assured the ------ complete cooperation in these matters and in any instances where they fail to make the information available to you or make the recovered discs available for your examination, it should promptly be brought to the attention of the ------ .

Any information you develop in connection with these discs should be promptly brought to the attention of the Army through your usual liason channels.

“For your information, the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects is not and never has been a matter that is within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI.”