Many UFO sightings and alien abductions are seen in rural areas, and so far there has been only a few sightings in urban areas. Do aliens know where they will be spotted?

Why sightings are mostly seen in rural areasEdit

In urban areas, a lot of light and noise is reflected from the area, and from the sky the light can be seen and the noise can be heard. However the light from cities escapes into the sky and because of this bleak lights in space cannot be seen, and in rural areas the entire cosmos is often visible. Meaning the light emitted from urban areas may hide bleaker lights from space making it impossible to see small UFO's in urban areas, the noise emitted from urban areas will also blank out weak noises from the sky, making it harder to hear quieter noises above.

Why landings mostly happen in rural areasEdit

If aliens study Earth, they will possibly know where people live and how they live, and they will know that it would be the worst possible place to land in a city where everyone can see them. So they will mostly land in rural areas, where they can study plantlife, and where there are less lights so they won't be spotted as easily, basically they just don't want to be seen.

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