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Alien examination is the act of a biological candidate being examined, and operated on, by a non-human entity.


A biological, in this context, can be any living organism—typically human, livestock, or domesticated animal. Claimed alien examinations are associated with abductions, often classed as Close Encounter of the fourth kind. The Antonio Vilas abduction is considered the first reported abduction in the World, as a sexual specimen.[1] The Hill abduction is the first recorded US abduction case involving alien examination that involved the extraction of skin, hair, and nail samples.[2]

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The alien conspiracy in the United States, concerns the alleged 1954 USA contract (or 1954 Greada Treaty) that requires an unspecified quota of biological candidates to be offered to THEM. An alien examination during an abduction, may involve at least three varying operations:[3]

  1. Implants involving the insertion of a tiny probe about 3 millimeters in size into the brain for monitoring and programming purposes;
  2. Predictive programming of a signigant event that is induced into the subject’s mind, so that when the time comes, they will go to the programmed location and perform a programmed task (Compare to Sleeper agent). Hypnosis techniques have revealed that “awakening” could happen 2 to 5 years from the time of abduction.
  3. Genetic crossbreeding between EBE and humans.

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