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In xenology, Alien intelligence exists in many shapes, sizes, and forms, as confirmed by disclosure from many third, fourth, and fifth close encounter experiencers. The most common form given by experiencers, to date, is the human form (or humanoid).

In paranormal phenomena, entities may make an appearance that is just enough for the human mind to comprehend; but distorted in a way to either leave a lasting impression, or tap into another part of the human psyche. In this realm, an entity’s appearance is contingent on the alien agenda. Examples are apparitional, energy beings, insectoid, or reptoid forms.

In the scientific community, researchers have been openminded to a rather recent form of study known as Astrobiology. The methodology in this field suggests that extraterrestrial life evolves based on its environment. Because no one knows what the environments are like on extrasolar planets, researchers can only speculate as to what a species may be like, based on comparisons to Habitable zone models (or Goldilocks conditions).

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