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The following events happened in the year 1980:

Invasion England

Col. Charles I. Halt

  • The RAF Bentwaters incident, 'I saw a UFO at the former military base RAF Bentwaters, near Ipswich, 30 years ago (from 2010)... I saw beams of light fired into the base then heard on the military radio that aliens had landed inside the nuclear storage area.'—Charles I. Halt.[1][2]

Rendlesham Forest UFO Military Witness Comes Forward

  • December 27-28, 1980. The Rendlesham forest incident, Lieutenant Colonel Halt led a patrol to investigate an alleged UFO landing site near the eastern edge of Rendlesham Forest. In January 1981 Halt composed an official Air Force memorandum listing details of the events.[3]
Invasion Brazil

UFO sightings[]

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