Alien Research

The following events happened in the year 1952:

Mars fever
Alien agenda prep phase
  • This year begins the final stage of the prepping phase for 1953 alien agenda (1947-1952).
    • EBE-1, whose health was in decline, dies in mid-1952 in US captivity[1] (Cooper).
    • July 12-the sighting over Washington D.C. of many luminescent orbs (Consider that this may have been a display in response to the death of EBE-1).
US response to alien presence
See US government coverup

Maj Gen John A Samford's Statement on Flying Saucers , Pentagon, Washington, DC, 07 31 1952

  • August 1, 1952 - The Office of Policy Coordination is absorbed into the Office of Special Operations (OSO) to form the Directorate of Plans (DDP).
  • Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) begins debunking campaign[2] (See Disinformation protocol).
  • One of the first major disinformation protocols begins- Project Blue Book, conducted by the United States Air Force.
  • Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French is given orders to debunk UFO phenomena. In 2012, French admits to Huffington Post that he was given those orders in 1952 to debunk UFO claims, and that the coverup is on going; In his older age, French believes extraterrestrial UFOs are real.[3]
US preparations

UFO sightings[]

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